God's Favor

God's Favor

“For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord.”
-Proverbs 8:35 KJV

December 28TH, 2021

“OK….where do I start? Well, Covid had definitely made an impact on my job at the bank back in 2020. I went from sleeping from couch to couch with my kids, often sacrificing to be split apart from them for a month or two, to us riding it out in hotels on the last of my savings, to then sleeping in my car…It was the hardest battle I ever fought because I’m used to working 3 jobs if I can, been a manager at countless of places, yet no one would hire me. I didn’t understand any part of my life at that time.

In that same year on the 2nd week of my children and I camping out in my car I went back to a homeless shelter seeking a place for us to have necessities (after going from church to shelter to shelter that had no availability…countless of phone calls made)…none of the workers could help me at the facility until a man who lived there said there was a lady that wanted to speak to me on the phone.

She said that my name was on the list (I never called that shelter yet my name was on the list…God!). We took our little belongings and stayed there for a year. 2021 I was in between jobs while continuing my degree. But everything kept going left: I couldn’t get my books in time, one job never payed me, the other job was temporary, another was encouraging food poisoning, and then the one I finally needed…the shelter thought it was more important for me to attend all of their classes rather than a job.

I was so confused…hurt because I didn’t know how to wait on God and be patient…I wanted to get it by any means but it was like God kept humbling me. The shelter then transferred me to another shelter seeing that they weren’t meeting my needs; left from that shelter when I got in an argument…an argument with staff over pettiness. I thought these places were supposed to build you up, not break you down more.

Finally, I left from that place and stayed at a half way house in an old neighborhood where a generous old man I’d help out let me and my children rest there. I kept working on my character and sifting my way through what God’s purpose was for my life. And then the car accident happened. A hit and run driver totaled my car then 3 weeks later someone hit me and my son in another accident. Again, very confusing…I needed to get help while I recovered under my injuries and surgeries. (Y’all would have to read my book for all the other details) But I ended up back under my parents roof under unfortunate circumstances.

Literally, this was the last place I wanted to be for so many reasons…

Last Sunday, I gave this same testimony (I haven’t testified in about 4 years but God was with me) and turned around and got blessed beyond my knowledge.

You may have read this post thinking I was complaining the entire time but the point of this testimony was how God favored me and my children:

  • God never let us go without shelter
  • God never let us go hungry
  • God always made a way out of no way
  • God kept blessing after each blessing
  • God kept me alive all year
  • God worked on my character
  • God made a way for my kids to have the best Christmas with no stable income coming in
  • God created a ministry to reach millions: Dwell on This

And God isn’t finished! If God could favor me through my times of trying to get it all right, daily for Him, He can do the same for you. God didn’t ask you to be perfect, He asked you to put effort in perfecting your ways and keeping faith in Him that He will work everything out in your favor. I’m grateful for my circumstances because I wouldn’t be the person God has made me today.

2022 is going to be an amazing year!”

-Paris Battle