A Mending God

A Mending God

“Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.”
‭‭-Jeremiah‬ ‭17:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

February 8, 2022

Hey there! I pray you had amazing week last week! Mines? Let’s just say it’s getting better. So remember those boys I told you about that were causing that major disturbance while I was on the phone with the recruiter? Yea, well they came back another day as me and my son was at the park.

Mind you, I was writing my prayer devotional and singing praise and worship songs as they began to ask the same offensive question over and over again. Not only that, though they kept their distance, making threats to become violent towards me. Want to talk about unshakable, unmovable faith; and humbleness? It’s almost as if God put the reins on me in this test not to go back and forth with them, humbling myself and keeping my focus on the God Almighty. My son and I eventually left in peace, ignoring the boys for nearly 45 minutes as they went on. 

Later on that week, I sent my son over to his grandmother’s house on his dad side. For years I had a very shaky relationship with her, bitter that her son put me through the exact thing he saw his mom go through. I created this idea in my head that she’d never care for years. But through a lot of prayer and drawing closer to God, I eventually learned to forgive her because at the end of the day she had nothing to do with her son being an absent parent to my little boy.

We literally had an heart to heart; sharing our struggles and encouraging each other. I found myself slipping the words “thank you ma” as I used to tell her as I was once coupled with her son. What was more surprising was the hug that ended the conversation… I don’t know if it was for me but it was something that needed to happen by the grace of God.

Sunday came, and a friend who I was growing back in relationship with after our major falling out, decided we’d all go to church together with our kids. God can really work on you and work on your relationship with others. We sat up in church having a great First Sunday with our loving Church family. God’s love was in the air! There were so many members walking up hugging and sharing sweet exchanges in words of comfort and blessings. 

On our way home, my three year old daughter couldn’t stop talking about Jesus. My friend and I were amused in laughter, but grateful and thankful that she found a relationship with Jesus at such a young age. We parked up and my friend and I were catching up; she reflected on our falling out and said “Paris I’m grateful you’re saved now cause I couldn’t have had this conversation with you back then”. We both start cracking up but in confirmation, we gave thanks to God for all the many changes He’s been doing in our lives, all over.

God, blessed me with these beautiful relationships and though I never wanted them to go sour… Jesus laid His hands on them and turned them into sweetness. Glory to God! I don’t have that many thoughts to share with you today but do take these away:

  • Remain humble 
  • Stay in prayer
  • Believe that God is a healer
  • Know that God is working it out for YOUR good
  • Maintain a relationship with God and He will better how you deal with others

In the mighty name of Jesus! I can’t wait to update you all about the new job and however else God wants to be glorified through the works He’s doing through me. I love you always and God bless! 

-Paris Battle


-Paris Battle